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Connecting the JavaScript talent in India with global opportunities

Where JavaScript engineers meet global opportunities

Work on hard technical and scale problems for innovative companies.

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Mark Flores

❝ The JavaScript Shop delivered an outstanding application for our ed-tech platform. Their team was highly professional and delivered the project on time. ❞


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Do you have only US clients?

We work with innovative companies across the globe and do not restrict ourselves to any particular region/country.

How are you different from any other services company?

We are focused on one technology - JavaScript. Our mission is to produce silicon valley talent from India in JS. We invest heavily in leveling you up in JS knowledge and system design before you can work on client projects. You will be encouraged to talk in JS meetups, participate in open-source contributions, etc to level up your skills.

Can I switch projects if I do not like?

Project switch requests can be accommodated at SWE and Senior SWE levels. It will be hard to charge projects at tech lead and engineering manager levels.

What happens after a project is completed?

Usually, our clients work with us for the long term. But, if your project is completed, you’ll have an option to work on internal projects, or other client projects that you find interesting. You’ll have 60 days to choose your next project.

Am I a contractor?

You’ll be an employee of The JavaScript Shop LLP.

If I like the client, can I become their employee?

After you have worked for The JavaScript Shop for more than 3 years, our clients will have the option to hire you.

Do you work only with startups?

We work for both startups and large companies.

What is my career path?

Generally, new hires start out as Software engineers. This is an individual contributor role and you’ll be mastering your codebase and one technology (angular, react, node, etc). Later in the Senior SWE role, you’ll deliver complex features independently and start working on “T” competencies (little backend, DB, infra, etc). At the lead level, you’ll be handling a client by yourself and managing a team of 2-5 engineers.

Do you have bonds?

Absolutely no. We want you to stay because of the engineering culture and the interesting problems that you solve for your clients.

Are you a coding bootcamp?

No. You'll be an employee of The JavaScript Shop LLP working on client projects.

Do I have to work in US time-zone?

You are not expected to work beyond 10 PM (IST). This gives a good amount of time overlap with our client’s engineering team. Your production on-call shifts will be designed around this.

Are the jobs location-free?

It depends usually on the client. In the initial 3 months, you’ll have to come to our offices in WeWork, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. We’ll be working closely with you to reach your learning goals.

Do we not use anything else other than JS?

While our go-to stack is MERN, at the end of the day we solve problems for our clients. So, we end up choosing tools that best solve our customers' problems. You will see us using go-lang, python/flask, django etc from time to time.