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Why do we love the javascript world

The JavaScript Ecosystem

The beauty of the JS ecosystem is its diversity, modularity, and rate of innovation.

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Our go-to tech stack 🛠️

Left to us, here is our default tech stack. However, we are flexible and can work with any tech stack of your choice.

Next JSFast by default, with config optimized for performance. Enables server-side rendering, static site generation, and more. Accelerate development with built-in routing, hot module replacement, and intuitive APIs. Utilize a vast ecosystem of plugins and extensions.
Tailwind CSSA utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development. Rapidly create dynamic user interfaces with responsive and reusable components. Customize styles easily and achieve consistent results across projects.
ESlint and PrettierEnsure clean, consistent, and error-free code. Improve code quality with automated code linting and formatting.
Extremely strict TypeScriptWith ts-reset library for ultimate type safety. Utilize TypeScript's strong static typing to catch errors during development.
Bundle analyzer pluginKeep an eye on your bundle size. Analyze your application's bundle to optimize performance and reduce unnecessary dependencies.
Jest and React Testing LibraryFor rock-solid unit and integration tests. Write comprehensive tests to ensure the reliability and stability of your React components.
PlaywrightWrite end-to-end tests like a pro. Automate browser testing across multiple browsers for comprehensive end-to-end testing.
StorybookCreate, test, and showcase your components. Develop UI components in isolation and document their behavior and usage.
Smoke Testing and Acceptance TestsFor confidence in your deployments. Perform smoke tests and acceptance tests to ensure new deployments meet minimum requirements and work as expected.
Conventional commits git hookKeep your commit history neat and tidy. Enforce a standardized commit message format to improve codebase readability and maintainability.
ObservabilityOpen Telemetry integration for seamless monitoring. Implement observability practices to gain insights into application performance and behavior.
Absolute importsNo more spaghetti imports. Simplify and organize your import statements using absolute paths for better codebase structure.
Health checksKubernetes-compatible for robust deployments. Implement health checks to ensure the availability and reliability of applications deployed in Kubernetes clusters.
Radix UIHeadless UI components for endless customization. Utilize customizable and composable UI primitives to create unique and adaptable user interfaces.
CVACreate a consistent, reusable, and atomic design system. Develop a design system with consistent design patterns and components for efficient and maintainable UI development.
Renovate BOTAuto-updating dependencies, so you can focus on coding. Automatically manage and update project dependencies to keep your application up-to-date.
Patch-packageFix external dependencies without losing your mind. Apply patches to external packages when necessary to address bugs or add missing features.
Components coupling and cohesion graphA tool for managing component relationships. Visualize and manage relationships between components for better codebase organization.
GitHub ActionsPre-configured actions for smooth workflows, including Bundle Size and performance stats. Automate various development tasks with GitHub Actions for efficient and streamlined workflows.
Automated ChatGPT Code ReviewsStay on the cutting edge with AI-powered code reviews! Leverage AI to review your code and provide insights for improvement.
Perfect Lighthouse scoreBecause performance matters. Strive for a perfect Lighthouse score to ensure optimal performance and user experience.
Semantic ReleaseFor automatic changelog. Automate the process of generating release notes and versioning based on semantic versioning conventions.
T3 EnvManage your environment variables with ease. Simplify the management of environment variables in your applications.
PrismaThe next generation ORM. We love prisma for its intuitive data model, automated migrations, type-safety & auto-completion.
GraphQLA query language for your API. GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data.
Apollo ClientA comprehensive state management library for GraphQL. Apollo Client is a comprehensive state management library for JavaScript that enables you to manage both local and remote data with GraphQL.
Apollo ServerA production-ready GraphQL server. Apollo Server is a production-ready GraphQL server that's open source, free, and supported by a large community.
PlanetscaleThe database for developers. Planetscale is a database-as-a-service platform that helps developers build applications faster.

Javascript is the world's most misunderstood programming language.

Douglas CrockfordOne of the developers of JavaScript Language