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Welcome to the future of software development. The JavaScript Shop is thrilled to join forces with leading SAP services companies to deliver unparalleled solutions that blend the limitless potential of JavaScript with the robust capabilities of SAP technologies.

At the core of our collaboration with SAP services companies lies the shared vision to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

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Mark Flores

❝ The JavaScript Shop delivered an outstanding application for our ed-tech platform. Their team was highly professional and delivered the project on time. ❞


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NDAP, a NITI Aayog project.

Learn how we collaborated with other companies to build the National Data and Analytics Platform (NDAP) to access and use of published Indian government data.


How JavaScript can power⚡️SAP ecosystem

Customize SAP solutions with dynamic user experiences and seamless integration.

Example ApplicationSAP TechnologiesHow JavaScript can enhance the application
E-commerce WebsiteSAP Commerce Cloud, SAP HybrisJavaScript can be used to enhance the front-end experience with interactive elements, dynamic content updates, and client-side form validation. It can also facilitate integration with third-party services and enable smooth and responsive user interfaces.
Business Intelligence DashboardSAP BusinessObjects, SAP HANAJavaScript can enhance the visualization and interactivity of the dashboard by utilizing libraries like D3.js or Highcharts. It can enable real-time data updates, drill-down capabilities, and advanced filtering options for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.
Workflow Management SystemSAP Business Workflow, SAP Cloud PlatformJavaScript can be used to create custom user interfaces (UIs) for managing workflows, enable dynamic form validation and field updates, and enhance the user experience with responsive design and smooth transitions. It can also integrate with other systems and services to streamline the workflow process.
HR Employee Self-Service PortalSAP SuccessFactors, SAPUI5JavaScript can enhance the user interface (UI) of the self-service portal, providing a modern and intuitive user experience. It can enable dynamic content loading, interactive elements, and client-side validation for data input. Additionally, JavaScript can facilitate integration with other HR systems or APIs to retrieve and display relevant employee information.
Supply Chain Collaboration PlatformSAP Ariba, SAP Cloud PlatformJavaScript can enhance the collaboration platform by providing real-time notifications, enabling interactive dashboards for tracking and analyzing supply chain data, and facilitating smooth and responsive user interfaces. It can also integrate with external systems or APIs for seamless data exchange and workflow automation.
Financial Reporting SystemSAP S/4HANA, SAP Analytics CloudJavaScript can enhance the financial reporting system by incorporating advanced data visualization libraries, enabling interactive charts and graphs, and providing self-service analytics capabilities. It can also facilitate dynamic report generation and enable drill-down functionalities for deeper data analysis.
Customer Support Ticketing SystemSAP Customer Experience, SAP Cloud PlatformJavaScript can enhance the ticketing system by improving the user interface (UI) with dynamic content loading, real-time updates, and intelligent search functionalities. It can enable automated ticket routing and escalation, integrate with communication channels, and provide a responsive and seamless customer support experience.
Vendor Management SystemSAP Fieldglass, SAP Cloud PlatformJavaScript can enhance the vendor management system by providing interactive and intuitive user interfaces, enabling dynamic filtering and sorting of vendor data, and facilitating real-time collaboration between vendors and clients. It can also integrate with external systems or APIs for seamless data exchange and automate vendor-related workflows.

“I've known the TJS team for a couple of years now. We are an SAP services company focusing on S/4 HANA & Mobility and were looking to tie up with a team to build web/mobile applications. TJS was the right fit and we were able to launch a B2C MVP in less than a month!”

SureshCEO at ******* (current client)