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Design-driven full-stack development

Build SaaS in 5 days!

Rapid market entry via a design-centric full-stack framework! Modern, semi-automated approach: UI-first to data-models. Speed and innovation combined.

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Mark Flores

❝ The JavaScript Shop delivered an outstanding application for our ed-tech platform. Their team was highly professional and delivered the project on time. ❞


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The Tech Stack

The best of the tools integrated out of the box.


The frontend is built with the world's most popular frontend library - React.js


Don't sweat about supporting multiple clients. Your GraphQL APIs have them covered.


Once you start using Prisma ORM, you can't go back. Stop worrying about ORM syntax and focus on business usecases.


Care about the type system? We've got you covered. You can also build your app entirely in JavaScript.


Test your app thoroughly with Jest. Seed the right data in the DB for every scenario and test important workflows.


Design components in isolation under various states.

Focus on your business and not your stack

Don't reinvent the wheel. Build production quality full-stack web application from the get go!

Focus on your business and not your stack
July-Sep 2023 slots are open

FREE 2 weeks moonshot program

Welcome to our 2 Weeks Moonshot Program! We're offering a unique opportunity to work closely with just two founders each quarter, building something impactful for their business. Whether you need an entire SaaS application or an updated website, we have the right tools for the job.

Join our program and watch your ideas take flight! In just two weeks, we'll bring your vision to life, faster than ever before. Say goodbye to long waits and struggling to find the right team. This is your chance to innovate and make a lasting impact. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity.

Let's make magic together! 🎩

Free 2 weeks moonshot program

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Need Answers?

Seriously? Can we build anything in 5 days?

Not all applications can be built this way. Data-driven apps with less focus on external integration and microservices can be easily built quickly with this semi-automated approach.

But, any complex requirements and integrations can be handled with regular hand-coding. Obviously, this will take beyond 5 days to implement!

What is my app is a little complicated?

We are JavaScript pros and it is our go-to stack. Our semi-automated development process generates JavaScript/TypeScript code. But we have over the last 2 years expanded into python and google go for microservices and performance-intensive tasks.

Wherever required, we'll use the regular software development approach but pass on the benefits of semi-automated development to our clients.

Who is this really for?

Startup accelerators and founders who are starting up are recommended to give this a try before deciding on hiring a large engineering team to hand-code every single line!

Established companies can use this tool to build back-office systems and workflows fairly quickly.

“Modern JAMStacks are democratizing the Startup ecosystem like never before. You don't need a massive engineering team to build great production quality applications”

Priyank PulumatiCo-founder and Architect, The JavaScript Shop