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As avid users, we relentlessly push the boundaries of JavaScript ecosystem. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like serverless and composable architecture, we're shaping the future of software development.

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Mark Flores

❝ The JavaScript Shop delivered an outstanding application for our ed-tech platform. Their team was highly professional and delivered the project on time. ❞


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FREE 2 weeks moonshot program

Welcome to our 2 Weeks Moonshot Program! We're offering a unique opportunity to work closely with just two founders each quarter, building something impactful for their business. Whether you need an entire SaaS application or an updated website, we have the right tools for the job.

Join our program and watch your ideas take flight! In just two weeks, we'll bring your vision to life, faster than ever before. Say goodbye to long waits and struggling to find the right team. This is your chance to innovate and make a lasting impact. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity.

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2 weeks moonshot program
Case study

Explore India's public data

Learn how we collaborated with other companies to build the National Data and Analytics Platform (NDAP) to access and use of published Indian government data.

NDAP project
Build in 90% less time.

Build SaaS in 5 days with JS!

We use pre-built components and semi-automated processes to build large portions of frontend, backend, and database models. This is ideal for founders who are just getting started and for accelerators/incubators.

And guess what? Auto-generated code is far less buggy than the code written by the best humans!

Build SaaS in 5 days with JS!

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT Model)

We help companies that are not yet ready to build captive offshore team to build a team, work with onsite team to build product, figure out the right mix, chart a roadmap for the offshore team and evntually handover the entire team to you!

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT Model)